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Don't get bullied by internet providers, do your research
In what other industry does a business say "thank you for your loyalty" by overcharging you? (Actually, the insurance business springs to mind.) It's a truism that new cable customers get the best deals, while loyal customers are rewarded with ever-escalating bills.
The sweetheart deal that lured you in? After your two-year commitment is over, all bets are off and your provider has moved on to woo other prospects.

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Best search tools for inexpensive Internet
You want an inexpensive, reliable Internet connection. That’s true whether you’re a cord cutter, or still paying through the nose for a cable subscription. But how do you go about finding the best price for an Internet-only subscription? Every time you call a local cable provider for Internet service, they want to either sell you a bundle of services that you don’t want, or overcharge you for an Internet-only subscription.

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Who are the top internet providers
Here is a list of internet providers you are most likely to use in your area with their direct links.

Comcast Business -

Verizon Fios - http://fios.verizon.com/fios-internet.html

Time Warner Cable / Spectrum - https://www.spectrum.com/?v=1&cmp=TWC

Xfinity from Comcast - https://www.xfinity.com/locations/internet-service-providers-in-my-area.html